Interpreting Solutions of Michigan

Spanish Translation

By 2050, Spanish speakers are estimated to make up a third of the U.S population. It is imperative that both national and local businesses cater to the Latin American population. Our team of certified translators offer first class telephone or in-person Spanish translation services.


Court Interpreter

A court interpreter conveys the message from an individual speaking a non-English language. Whether it is a plaintiff, defendant or a witness, to the court’s language of record, is always English in the United States. We can assist those who cannot speak it natively.


Event Interpretation

Our team of highly qualified and certified interpreters can offer premier phone or in-person consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Book a free consultation today and get a quote! We’re available for business meetings, conferences, trade shows, and other events.


Document Translation

To accurately translate a document, a well-trained and experienced translator must keep the original messages tone and conviction intact, while converting the words from one language to another. Our highly trained staff are acute in medical, business, and legal terminology.


Medical Interpretation

We’re here for patients who come from different cultures and have limited proficiency in English. There are few situations more frightening, frustrating, and intimidating than conversations with medical professionals, when you can’t speak the language. We can help.


Legal Interpretation

Our interpreters come to each case fully prepped to assist law firms helping immigrants seek citizenship or asylum, students requesting to work or study in the United States or a foreign country, other court proceedings, & corporate contracts between businesses of different nations.

Hire Us For Your Upcoming Project

Our team of highly qualified and certified interpreters can offer premier simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services for your next conference, presentation, board meeting, or person-to-person need.