Certified Spanish Translator

Our team of certified translators offer first class telephone or in-person Spanish translation services. We can provide services for small businesses, hospitals, and law firms. We also support private practices, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, pharmacies, and clinics.

The US Hispanic population reached a record 60 million people in 2018, according to the Pew Research Center. This accounts for over 18% of the entire U.S population. Spanish is also the second most common language used in the United States behind English. By 2050, Spanish speakers are estimated to make up a third of the U.S population. It is imperative that both national and local businesses cater to the Latin American population. Otherwise, they might lose out on millions of potential customers and clients.

Our translators offer Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation. All of our staff are highly trained and familiar with medical, business, and legal terms. We not only provide Spanish translation for verbal communications, but for documents as well.

Bilingual Language Interpreting

Our founder and CEO, Graciela Francisco, has over two decades of experience. She has a long history of assisting hospitals, private practices, schools and local businesses. Graciela has worked with West Michigan non-profit health care organizations Trinity Health and Spectrum Health. She also works for the Hispanic Center of West Michigan and the Grand Rapids public school system.

Interpreting Solutions wants to be your first choice in delivering timely and accurate Spanish translation services. We bridge the gaps between businesses, law firms, doctors, and more.