Conference Interpreters

Our highly qualified team can provide conference interpretation for business meetings, conferences, trade shows and other events. Our certified interpreters possess acute knowledge of business terminology in varying fields. We hand pick our interpreters to ensure they also possess the ability to communicate a message, while maintaining its context and integrity. In addition, our interpreters offer phone or in-person interpretation for ongoing interactions leading up to the event.

Every year, countless individuals from around the world journey to the United States to manage or close business deals. This typically includes attending events, conferences, trade shows, and other summits; to learn or offer insights about the future of their industry. To ensure that their words are delivered with the upmost precision, accurate interpreters are a must.

Whether in a one-on-one meeting behind closed doors, or to thousands of attendees sitting inside of a conference hall, our experienced interpreters are ready to help. Interpreting Solutions can provide conference interpreters for any business meeting, summit, or crowd-based event.

Each member of our staff has gone through the necessary training and certification process to offer fast, reliable, and accurate conference interpretation. We pride ourselves on the ability to listen, analyze, and retain the contextual value of your message. Contact us today! Our team can be scheduled for availability 24/7.

Interpreting for Meetings and Seminars

Our founder and CEO, Graciela Francisco, has been assisting businesses in the Michigan area for almost two decades. She has worked with hospitals, private practices, and schools, including West Michigan non-profit health care organizations Trinity Health and Spectrum Health. Graciela also works with the Hispanic Center of West Michigan and the Grand Rapids public school system.

Interpreting Solutions uses the latest in consecutive interpretation technology to ensure your meetings run smoothly and without complications. We want to be your first choice in delivering accurate and timely interpretation services. Call us today! We can bridge the gaps between business leaders, conference or business summit attendees, and most importantly, the clients.