Court Certified Interpretation

A court interpreter conveys the message from an individual speaking a non-English language, whether it is a plaintiff, defendant or a witness, to the court’s language of record, which in the United States, is always English. They also convey messages from the Judge, the attorneys and witnesses, to the native language of the non-English speaking individual.

In a judicial setting, the parties involved must consider the role of the interpreter when deciding between the use of simultaneous interpreting or consecutive interpreting. The most important factors are the conservation of meaning, protection of the record, and the interpreting mode’s influence on the administration of justice.

Each member of our staff has completed all components of the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination and has gone through intense training and is certified to offer fast, reliable, and accurate interpretation.

Interpreting Services in Michigan

Our founder and CEO, Graciela Francisco, has been assisting hospitals, private practices, schools and local businesses in the Michigan area for almost two decades. She has worked with West Michigan non-profit health care organizations Trinity Health and Spectrum Health, the Hispanic Center of West Michigan, and the Grand Rapids public school system.

The staff at Interpreting Solutions wants to be your first choice for court interpreters.