Legal Interpreting Services

Our highly qualified team can provide legal interpretation services for attorneys, law firms, courts, and other legal agencies. We specialize in:

  • interviews between law firms
  • immigrants seeking citizenship
  • requesting asylum
  • students requesting to work or study in the United States or a foreign country
  • courtroom proceedings
  • and corporate contracts between businesses of different nations.

Our legal interpreters come to each case fully prepped, are mindfully selected, and possess acute knowledge of legal terminology. Depending on your specific need, your interpreter can be primed for jargon in a variety of fields on a local, national, and global level. For ongoing engagements, our interpreters also offer phone or in-person consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

Every year, thousands of visa and asylum requests are made from people from all corners of the globe. Some of these requests come from those who seek refuge from an ongoing conflict, or to begin a new life in a new country. Others seek to study or work abroad. It is imperative that their words are delivered with the sincerity and clarity they intend. Our work helps those who are seeking shelter and opportunity.

Each member of our staff has gone through field training and is certified. We pride ourselves on offering fast, reliable, and accurate legal interpretation. We’re available for scheduling 24/7. Give us a call today to schedule an interpreter for a law firm, courtroom, and corporate offices. All conversations between practices and their clients, corporate partners, as well as all legal documents, are kept confidential.

Legal Language Interpretation

Our founder and CEO, Graciela Francisco, has been working within the legal system for 20 years. She has worked within the United States District Court, the Western District of Michigan. Graciela has also worked with West Michigan non-profit health care organizations Trinity Health and Spectrum Health. She also does work for the Grand Rapids public school system.

Interpreting Solutions wants to be your first choice in delivering accurate legal interpretation services. Our staff also offers the latest in consecutive interpretation technology. We use this to ensure immigration and asylum interviews, business meetings, and court proceedings are run smoothly and without complications. We bridge the gaps between law firms, corporate partners, and most importantly, their clients.