Certified Medical Interpreter

For patients who come from different cultures and have limited proficiency in English, there are few situations more frightening, frustrating, and intimidating than conversations with medical professionals. Patients may have trouble accurately describing their physical or mental needs, personal and family medical histories, and have confidence in their understanding of procedures or medications needed to ensure either their immediate or lasting health.

These kinds of situations also put a strain on medical professionals, who will not gain enough information from patients to accurately provide them care. Because of the lack of efficient communication, medical professionals may be unaware of any allergies patients may have to certain medications or fall into cultural misunderstandings, which could lead to mistrust, and in worst case scenarios, liability concerns. The consequences of inefficient communication between medical professionals and their patients can be drastic and at times fatal, as information could be crucial in the event of a medical emergency.

Our team of highly qualified and certified interpreters can offer premier phone or person-to-person interpretation services to medical professionals in hospitals, nursing homes, private practices, rehabilitation centers, pharmacies, clinics, and anywhere where patients go for medical assistance.

Medical Interpreting in Michigan

Our founder and CEO, Graciela Francisco, has been assisting hospitals, private practices, schools and local businesses in the Michigan area for almost two decades. She has worked with West Michigan non-profit health care organizations Trinity Health and Spectrum Health, the Hispanic Center of West Michigan, and the Grand Rapids public school system.

Our staff of certified interpreters can also provide medical interpretations for calls between medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies as well as medical device manufactures.

Spanish Medical Interpreters Near Me

Language barriers shouldn’t keep patients from seeking medical assistance or keep medical professionals from giving them the best care possible The staff at Interpreting Solutions wants to be your first choice in delivering accurate and timely interpretation services; to help bridge the gaps between medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and most importantly patients.

Our interpreters have an acute understanding of medical terminology and can accurately translate the information provided by medical professionals to patients in their native language. In turn, the interpreters can relate the information provided by patients back to the medical professionals, allowing them to fully understand their patient’s symptoms and needs. Our staff is trained to anticipate any kind of cultural or religious misunderstandings between medical professionals and patients, so that those kinds of situations can be avoided entirely.

Each member of our staff has gone through intense training and is certified to offer fast, reliable, and accurate medical interpretation, available 24/7, to medical professionals and their patients. Our interpreters are also familiar with modern FDA and HIPPA regulations, and all conversations are confidential so patients can freely speak about their conditions or medical needs to our interpretations without fear of unwanted exposure or judgment.